Be careful, There is a Risk of Excess Caffeine in Children's Drinks

Maybe Mother never gives coffee to children. However, other drinks that children often drink, may contain caffeine. For example soda, coffee ice cream, tea, chocolate, yogurt and several types of painkillers. What are the dangers if a child consumes a lot of caffeine? Caffeine is actually a stimulant used in drugs to stimulate the central nervous system. Although many countries do not yet have a specific benchmark regarding maximum levels of caffeine intake for children, in Canada the consumption of caffeine allowed in children is only about 45mg of caffeine per day, or the equivalent of one can of soda. Though the study found, children are generally unwittingly able to consume 109 mg of caffeine or the equivalent of caffeine in 3 cans of soda. Different Types of Beverages Contain Caffeine Please check, do you often give the drinks below to your child? Let's look at the average amount of caffeine in it: 350 ml of iced tea contains 70 milligrams of caffeine. 30 ml of chocola
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